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Alpha Agricultural Processing Co. is a leading trading and exporting firm, Commodities have been a core business since it opened its doors in Khartoum in 1998 with a staff totaling no more than 7 employees. Today, Alpha accommodates 200 employees in 10 cities in Sudan.

Alpha deals with an extensive variety of products ranging from Watermelon Seeds, Peanuts, Sesame Seeds, Gum Arabic to Hibiscus.

Most of our products are exported to various destinations such as Far East, Middle East, South Asia, Europe and North Africa.

Managed by group of professionals who have expertise and experience in International Trading by virtue of working from grass root level to top levels; Alpha is a well-recognized company in international trading arena.

Our well defined business operations ensure our customers get nothing but the best deals.

Our Vision

To strive for excellence, while injecting all the efforts into the maximization of customer satisfaction, by supplying of high quality, hygienically cleaned, packed and a perfectly colored seeds, thereby establishing long term relationships for mutual benefits.

Why Us ?

Together with our highest standard of processing and availability our logistic infrastructure ensures that high quality product will be delivered within the time frame and the best price to the customer.

Our Message

The consequence of our deeds based on highly professionalism and qualification which is the major motive to develop and support the agricultural, industrial service in order to rehabilitate the modern Sudan according to quarter a century strategy.

Alpha Agricultural Processing Company committed of:-

  1. Knowing the customer demand by providing a product of high quality.
  2.  Following a preventive system to progress service, product quality and performance.
  3.  Creation of mutual trust and confidence between the company & customer.
  4.  Infrastructure to maintain the goals through participating in the production process, by providing the suitable environment, affording the available training to the employees and encouraging them to better results of manufacturing.

Our Advantage :-

  • Supplying organic products
  • Supplying best quality worldwide
  • Products availability off season
  • Products analysis reports
  • Workable prices
  • Quick documentation process
  • Accurate and firm delivery time
  • Capability for long terms contracts
  • Staff of crops professionals

Documents and Certifications:

  1. Certificate of origin authenticated by (Sudan Chamber of Commerce)
  2. Health(Phytosanitary)Certificate issued from (Ministry of Agriculture and Forestry)
  3. Certificate of Quality issued by (Sudanese Standard & Metrology Organization)
  4. Commercial Invoice certified by (Sudan Chamber of Commerce)
  5. Packing List
  6. B\L

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